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The Story

Consolidated account structures, market expansions and LTV bidding took Readly to new heights within paid social. By collaboratively formulating and executing an entirely new channel strategy, Bluebird Media and Readly managed to scale paid social conversions by x2.5 while decreasing CPA by 26%.

The Challenge

The collaboration between Readly and Bluebird Media began in February 2020, at the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic’s arrival in Europe and much of the rest of the world. A fast-moving company with aggressive growth plans was paired with an agency that shares those qualities, with the challenge to scale up paid social media activity on a global basis without compromising on cost-efficiency during what proved to be an uncommonly uncertain year for the entertainment industry and digital marketers alike.

The Solution

What followed throughout 2020 was a record-breaking level of performance. Facebook ad account spend rose by 95% year over year (YoY), with investment in the platform fueled by stellar performance: the volume of conversions rose by more than 2.5x year over year, with cost per acquisition (CPA) decreasing by 26% when comparing the two periods.

This was achieved by collaboratively formulating and executing an entirely new channel strategy to leverage Readly’s market-leading product, unlimited access to 5,500 digital magazines and newspapers, and scale the paid social channel to unprecedented heights.

“Bluebird uses both strategic and technical complexity to constantly innovate and improve. In combination with their high standard of communication, I couldn’t imagine a better match. Thanks to our great collaboration we’ve successfully brought quality journalism to a growing digital audience that can now get more educated, engaged and entertained through the broad portfolio of magazines and newspapers on the Readly app. ”

Birgitta Erikson, Head of Acquisition, Readly



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