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The recent marketing initiatives established with Bluebird Media have been instrumental in driving Lumene's online growth and direct-to-consumer business forward.

Since the start of the collaboration, Lumene has managed to reach an all-time high in monthly sales, as well as one-day sales during Single’s Day. The average monthly DTC sales saw an increase of 27% in Finland, along with a 26% increase in Sweden. Further, an increase in conversion rate of 44.5% in Finland, with a significant overall increase in all markets, was achieved. These outcomes are a testament to the company's ability to attract and convert customers through its online channels, and the marketing efforts in the partnership with Bluebird Media have played a key role in this success.

“We are very excited to get the chance to work with Lumene on a global level. Helping Nordic brands succeed internationally is a large part of why Bluebird exists”, said Sebastian Schroderus, Country Manager, Bluebird Media Finland. “The opportunity to further elevate the digital profile of this well-known Finnish brand with a proud Nordic heritage and a commitment to sustainability feels fantastic, and we are looking forward to the journey ahead together with Lumene.”

“We chose Bluebird as our global performance agency as we felt they understood the essence and heritage of our brand, whilst also having the right strategies for international expansion. With Bluebird, we get access to a wide range of skill sets that we do not have in-house, from technical set-ups to creative solutions.”

Jessica Taxell, Commercial Director, Lumene


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