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The Story

Bluebird Media produced a set of creatives for Byggmax’s social channels which resulted in a ROAS of +54% compared to creatives consisting of product and price only, live during the same period.

The Challenge

The project began in April 2022 with the mission to create a higher performance at a creative level by identifying opportunities and producing solutions for the client to be able to stand out in a crowd. With the overarching incentive to bridge the gap between branding and performance, the challenge was utilizing insights and turning them into concepts that shift away from actors whose ads, for the most part, look the same and communicate similar and direct product benefits, i.e. “buy this hammer”.

The Solution

Return on Ad Spend grew by 54% compared to creatives with rational benefits and price only, that were live during the same period. This was achieved by collaboratively executing a set of creatives where emotion and playfulness were in focus, in an otherwise rational and product-focused field. The research behind the idea and concept went into how the customer journey might typically look for the industry and helped determine how to differentiate from the competition. In this case by adding humor in a field where, as previously mentioned, a lot of actors emphasize rational product benefits only. Bluebird Media manifested this by illustrating outside-the-box uses for tools and unconventional DIY builds.

“It was great to work with the Bluebird creative team. As a client I want someone who understand that digital is first, and that both mobile and channel specific creatives are needed. This is old knowledge for many, but it’s still not always what is delivered from agencies. Great work from the Bluebird team!”

David Olsson

Head of Digital Marketing & Measurement Owner


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