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The Story

MediaMarkt has seen great revenue growth from their e-commerce business, but we saw an exciting opportunity to scale this exponentially. We had the pleasure of working with MediaMarkt to help them scale their e-commerce business, and the first item on the agenda was tapping into the unused potential within SEM.

The Challenge

The online consumer electronics landscape is highly competitive, with shifting demands in terms of not just product assortment but also holiday sales and overall seasonality. We had to be on top of pushing not only popular products and brands but also the sales campaigns that are promoted on MediaMarkt’s site. Because there are thousands of products, we had to make sure that we utilized the budget in the most efficient manner possible to maximize revenue while minimizing waste.

The Solution

To meet the primary objective of massively increasing revenue, we had to break it down into several sub-objectives:

1. Help MediaMarkt with their budget allocation and the move to more flexible budgets;

2. Find a way to effectively promote sales campaigns that are updated on a regular basis;

3. Restructure the whole account, consolidate campaigns, and at the same time

expand the keyword portfolio across the whole funnel;

4. Work with business rules and automation to increase spend efficiency;

5. Obtain a more holistic view of MediaMarkt Sweden’s media mix and their overall business.

The Results

Through automation, we set up a structure to maintain search presence on 10,000+

keywords while updating stock levels and prices on a daily basis. The deals that are promoted on the site are advertised in the ads efficiently, and we have a clearer understanding of how MediaMarkt Sweden works internally with pricing and procurement, which is imperative for success—especially within Google Shopping.

The revenue machine we built has led to a 170% increase in sales from generic searches while increasing ROAS by 78%, making SEM the fastest-growing channel in MediaMarkt Sweden’s media mix.

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