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The Story

Eton is a global luxury shirt and accessories brand that manufactures high-quality garments for the modern man. The U.S. is its most important market with big potential for further growth. In a campaign aiming to target people working in the financial sector or with an interest in the stock market, it was possible to create a smaller yet carefully defined audience that we believe wears shirts more often than others. With this in mind, The Index Shirt was crafted with a Bull and Bear embroidery to connect it to the stock market and a price feature where the price fluctuated in unison with the Nasdaq Index. The creative campaign went on to win a Bronze Cannes Lion in the Creative Commerce category in 2023. 

The Challenge

Eton’s goal was to grow the number of customers in New York, targeting 30+ males who work with professional services (i.e. bankers/consultants/auditors/lawyers/real estate). And/or go for ”Ivy League" graduates” and try to catch their interest ”early”. The goal was to get 5 000 new customers by EOY by finding, deploying, and scaling the best possible customer acquisition methods. To do this, other European cities with Stock Exchanges were targeted as a means to achieve a ripple effect and get the finance sector to do what it does best - buzz. 

The Solution

We set in motion a strategy with a major focus on prospecting audiences as the goal was to gain new customers. For this, we used a broad portfolio of channels but allocated the most budget to upper funnel activities on YouTube, Display, and Social Media as we sought to activate globally and scalably. Utilizing the GMP stack for the entire funnel, the communication with the target audience could be done throughout the entire funnel, from inspiring video creatives all the way down to a purchase. Social Media channels were used as a complement to build even more on the buzz around the campaign and to stimulate discussion and word-of-mouth - typically what the finance sector does best if given the right tools.

The Results

As a result, Eton's site saw a 98% increase in organic traffic while the campaign’s hero product, The Index Shirt, had an amazing sell-through of 85% and quickly became the top-selling, seasonal item during 2022.  In addition, the campaign's effect spilled over into other areas - email CTR, for example, went up from 1.92% to 4.65%, which is well above the industry benchmark. We saw a 42% uplift in total new customers during the campaign period and managed to reach a wider audience than Eton had ever done before. 

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