Unlocking the full potential of GA4

Time flies by - on July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data. Let’s say farewell to the era of Universal Analytics and step into a new world of advanced insights with Google Analytics 4.

As you may know, Google Analytics 4 brings significant improvements in privacy features, data collection, and attribution, enhancing the analytics experience for businesses while respecting user privacy.

Many have already implemented Google Analytics 4. However, maximizing the potential of GA4 requires navigating a few challenges. From missing data points to cookie banner configurations, we understand the hurdles you may face.

We are happy to assist you in reviewing your setup to ensure everything is in order.

Crash Course in GA4

We offer learning sessions in the Google Analytics user interface. Learn how to build your own reports, explore your data and get the most out of Google Analytics 4

Already migrated? Check your current setup - GA4 audit

We can help you go through your current Google Analytics 4 setup and make sure it’s correct and properly configured.

Still not migrated? Migrate current setup to GA4

With the help of Google Tag Manager, we can convert your current Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

Future-proof your setup?

We can help you take full advantage of the new technologies such as Server Side tag management, Facebook Conversion API, and Google Consent Mode.

Curious to learn more?

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