New team lead Adam Hendele on the future of paid social

Adam Hendele is not new to Bluebird Media. He was, however, promoted to a new position as Paid Social Lead for the Stockholm Office not that long ago. A role he has already proven to handle well by taking on more responsibility while continuously identifying and delivering the best solutions for diverse client needs. We asked him to write down his thoughts on the trends and future of paid social, as well as any reflections he has on what is now behind us


The main focus I have in my new role is to make sure that Bluebird stays in the absolute frontline when it comes to our product offerings and services. I want to make sure both the team and clients can leverage cross-client learnings and that we coordinate internal and external resources to explore new, as well as challenge old, best practices. We also restructured the entire organisation in 2021 to improve cross-channel learnings across all teams at Bluebird. One of my long term goals is to improve the general understanding of paid social channels and their purpose in a channel mix.

Paid social in 2022

The digital landscape was highly competitive last year which made performance marketing more expensive overall. It was an important wake up call for many companies, and the focus will shift towards a more sustainable way of doing business. We will see a continuous development from top line revenue to bottom line profit for performance activities, as well as a development of full funnel strategies to support upper funnel activities. Increased efforts in upper funnel activities will of course be relevant for all channels, but paid social in particular.

For paid social, this means that businesses will be more open to new social channels as well as investing more time and money into content to support these kinds of activities. I also think that the technical side of the platforms will be extremely important to be able to leverage from the bidding systems, which will be fundamental to succeed in the channels. Tech savvy players, such as Bluebird, will play an important role here.

What makes Bluebird stand out?

We are nothing without our employees, so the short answer is of course that we have an extraordinary team. I also think it’s worth specifically mentioning our own tech, data-driven best practices, and our design team.

We use our own advanced technology together with statistical studies to find strategies that maximize the incremental contribution from the channels. We have a holistic approach where we look at the bottom line impact to effectively improve the company’s business goals. It means that paid social plays a fundamental role in the channel mix and that we are confident that the activities we invest in generate a solid return for the client.

In contrast to many other players, we also have a digital-first design team. It makes us much more flexible in our daily work, and we are able to take full responsibility from start to finish. Many companies are struggling with channels of less traditional advertising, such as on Tiktok, and having a design team who understands the channel will be crucial to help businesses use it time- and cost effectively.