MediaMarkt Sweden to expand their partnership with Bluebird Media

MediaMarkt Sweden to expand their partnership with Bluebird Media after a considerable increase of revenue and ROAS

During the spring of 2020, Bluebird Media managed to digitalize K-Rauta’s traditional format for advertisements with success and as a result reaching the goal of increasing the traffic to physical stores. With cost-effective ads placed on Facebook, the store visits increased by 30% and sales of the advertised products with 27%.

The department store K-Rauta offers a vast range of material and tools for any type of project – whether it is a DIY setup or a professional construction site. Despite the fact that K-Rauta have an e-commerce up and running, it is the 17 stores around Sweden that provide customers with the largest selection of supplies. Prior to this, traditional brochures with unique offers to drive traffic to the stores were used. However, in the spring of 2020 Bluebird Media – which were taking care of K-Rautas advertisements in social media since autumn of 2019 – were also given the confidence to digitalize the process. 

“As a digital marketer I know that Facebook and digital advertisements could have a large impact on offline-businesses. I believe that a combination of digital and physical brochures plays an important part of the media mix. It was about time that we modernized our booklets towards the digital age” said David Olsson, Digital Marketing Manager, Building and Technical Trade, at K-Rauta in Sweden.

The Facebook Instant Experience advertisements are designed for prompt loading and immediately capturing the receiver’s attention. In this format video, images, slideshows, and panoramic images that encloses product images are combined, including links to the respective product pages on the webpage. It was this advertising format that helped Bluebird create the cost-effective ads that generated in total an increase of 30% store visitors and 27% sales of the advertised products. The advertisements were live between 10th of April and 31st of May in 2020 and were targeted towards women and men above the age of 18 that were located anywhere near a K-Rauta store in Sweden.

“Except for the great collaboration with David and the team at K-Rautas marketing department, technical prerequisites such as access to a product feed of campaign products, creative materials, and Smartly.io’s “state of the art”-solutions, have all been contributing factors for this incredible result” Henry Mäkelä concludes, the Co-founder and Head of Social and Programmatic at Bluebird Media.

You can read more on this case and the successful usage of Facebook Instant Experience at Facebook.com.