Mastering the Art and Science of SEM: an Interview with Sr. Digital Specialist, Malin Aronsson

Search Engine Marketing is both an art and a science. It takes a keen sense of business strategy and deep technical knowledge. Our Sr. Digital Specialist, Malin Aronsson, is an expert at moving seamlessly between the two.

We sat down with Malin to chat about her path within digital marketing, what she loves the most about working at Bluebird, and what she is particularly excited about within the ever-evolving SEM space.

Tell us about your path and what inspired you to join Bluebird Media.

After working as a SEM specialist for several years, I was eager to take the next step in my career and advance in the field of digital marketing. Bluebird Media, an agency known for being at the forefront of digital channels, had caught my attention. I had heard positive feedback about Bluebird from former colleagues who had joined the company and loved working there. Even before any hiring process began, I was ambitious and determined to take the leap to Bluebird.

What do you love about working at Bluebird Media?

Our company boasts a fantastic culture of mutual aid, support, and personal growth. When working here, no one needs to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we provide ample opportunities to learn from the best in the business, be it in operational tasks like optimizing product data in a shopping feed or seeking guidance on annual digital strategies. What I find particularly valuable is our flat organizational structure, which fosters a collaborative team environment, irrespective of seniority levels.

How would you describe your SEM team?

Our SEM team sets an incredibly high standard, providing a safe and supportive environment where you can confidently seek consultation and engage in discussions. As part of a department that continuously adapts to a rapidly changing industry, you are at the forefront of evolving industry trends. Our department is recognized for being down to earth, meaning we openly share our successes and collectively learn from our mistakes.

What are you passionate about?

Working on customer assignments as a unified digital team, in collaboration with both the customer and consultant, is what I enjoy the most. It allows us to engage in productive discussions and jointly determine the best course of action for future testing that is ultimately aligned with business strategy and vision. Additionally, I relish the opportunity to immerse myself in the intricacies of a project, whether it involves evaluating the result of a "max vs. standard shopping” test or delving into the development of different KPIs.

Something within the SEM space you're particularly excited about?

As someone who is deeply passionate about the strategic aspect of my job, I find it immensely satisfying to help align a business's optimal SEM strategy with its long-term goals and vision. What I love most about working within the SEM space is the ability to contribute to the overall channel mix, as SEM activities have a clear and important role to play in driving sales and revenue. Being able to craft effective SEM strategies that not only improve visibility and return on investment but also align with a business's broader objectives is what truly excites me about working in this space.