Byggmax appoints Bluebird Media

Byggmax appoints Bluebird Media

After a completed pitch process Byggmax chooses to give the performance marketing agency Bluebird Media the confidence of being their key supplier of digital marketing services in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Starting at the turn of the year in 2021, Bluebird took on the project which consists of keyword advertising, search engine optimization, social media-ads, as well as display and web analysis.

“Working with the right tools and partners is an important part of ensuring great results and delivery for your organization”, says David Olsson at Byggmax. “We evaluated many exceptional actors, and the decision was made to go with Bluebird Media which has the data driven and holistic way of working that I require.”

Byggmax, which has a potent market position in the Nordic DYI-market, focuses on growth in both store expansion and optimization of the various channels that have been distributed among different agencies. A decision of gathering everything into one mission felt logical, and the project will be appointed to Bluebird Media.

“As a 360-supplier to Byggmax we have the opportunity to get a holistic grip on the entirety of their business by working efficiently in a cross-channel manner. This will give as an immense advantage ahead of this year’s focus on optimizing Byggmax as an omnichannel”, says Henry Mäkelä, Co-founder and Head of Social and Programmatic at Bluebird Media.

The performance marketing agency Bluebird Media was founded in the beginning of 2018 by Magnus Dahlquist, Henry Mäkelä and Patrik Segersven who all share a vast experience within the business. During 2020 Bluebird went from last year’s 21 to 33 employees, from handling 350 MSEK to 600 MSEK in media investments, as well as 16 MSEK in revenue to 30 MSEK. Among the agency’s clients are established e-commerce businesses such as Apotea, Nordic Choice Hotels, KitchenTime, KICKS, MediaMarkt Sweden and many more, with projects extending markets throughout Scandinavia.