Bluebird Media launches Kuvio.io

Bluebird Media launches Kuvio.io – a SAAS service for advanced profit bidding

Bluebird Media is launching Kuvio.io – a profit bidding tool that optimizes advertising cost versus profitability for your digital marketing channels in real time. Since every order may differ in profitability when shipping and logistics have been deducted, Kuvio is needed to give a fair picture of where the profitability lies. Leading to better decision making and more efficient bidding in digital advertisement.

There are many e-merchants struggling with seeing where the profitability truly lies. Kuvio optimizes the digital advertising towards profitability at order level. Bluebird’s client base consists of many e-merchants with thousands of products where there is a large difference in profitability when it comes to shipping- and logistics cost etc. This made it hard to distribute advertising bids for the ideal ads. From this insight came an idea to develop Kuvio, which calculates profitability for each order in real time. A service not only Bluebird’s clients get the advantage of using anymore but any e-merchant, digital marketer, or agency. 

Kuvio allows companies to optimize their advertisement costs versus the profitability and it is all gathered in one, simple tool. By entering all cost data from various flows, it is integrated in the advertisement or analysis tool used today. Thanks to the automated flow that only takes a couple of hours to setup, you immediately see which orders that are the most profitable. With the help of Kuvio you will be able to follow your profitability over time, as well as activating on profit independent of the channel, which leads to better decisions and more efficient bidding in all digital advertising.

KitchenTime traded their bidding strategy for profitability – increased their gross profit with 71%. Bluebird’s client KitchenTime were, like many other e-merchants, struggling with having profitable results through Google Ads. The focus was put on the total turnover, but when KitchenTime traded their bidding strategy for profitability their gross profit increased with 70% compared to last year after advertisement costs. “The mistake many e-merchants make is that they are optimizing for revenue or transactions, but to reach a sustainable growth of the organization one should optimize for profit. With the help of Kuvio there is the option to send profit as signal to bidding algorithms to maximize the profitability in absolute terms instead of revenue”, says Patrik Segersven, Co-founder of Bluebird Media. 

In the summer Kuvio will launch another functionality to support optimization and reporting towards more long-term business values, such as Lifetime Value (lifetime profit). Kuvio forecasts Lifetime Value for each order in real time and activates these signals in the marketing, this is something that Bluebird anticipate having huge potential. As the development within digital marketing is moving rapidly, the stakes are high. Automating and using the technology to our advantage is a solution that helps staying relevant and at the forefront of the business. Kuvio.io is the second tool Bluebird’s development team has produced, previously made available is the domain snapping tool called Bluesnap.

The performance marketing agency Bluebird Media was founded in the beginning of 2018 by Magnus Dahlquist, Henry Mäkelä and Patrik Segersven who all share a vast experience within the business. During 2020 Bluebird went from last year’s 21 to 33 employees, from handling 350 MSEK to 600 MSEK in media investments, as well as 16 MSEK in revenue to 30 MSEK. Among the agency’s clients are established e-commerce businesses such as Apotea, Nordic Choice Hotels, KitchenTime, KICKS, MediaMarkt Sweden and many more, with projects extending markets throughout Scandinavia.