Bluebird Media flies west – opens their first office in Norway

Bluebird Media flies west – opens their first office in Norway

Digital performance marketing agency Bluebird Media has had a steady, yet quick, growth in both Sweden and Finland. To live up to their promise of being the Nordic partner of choice for their clients, the agency is now opening their first office in Norway. The Bluebird way of working has proven to be favorable when it comes to both strategy and approach within digital marketing, something they now want to implement in the Norwegian market.

The expansion is led by Erik Thorsen, leaving Reprise Digital Norge and his role as Head of Reprise, to join Bluebird’s success journey: 

“I have worked at a traditional media agency for ten years and learned quite a lot about the business. Knowledge, which is brought with me to Bluebird. This company has plenty of exciting visions, and a focus of digital + tech which, from my perspective is something very important looking forward. Both Sweden and Finland have proven to be at the very top in the business, and my task now will be to bring the same mentality to Norway as we are creating the best digital performance agency for our clients and co-workers!”

Bluebirds’ client base has a strong foundation in the Nordic countries such as Nordic Choice Hotels, KICKS, Byggmax and Kitchentime – which is why the initiative of opening in Norway felt like the natural next step. The goal is to become the Nordic Partner of Choice for brands looking to grow digitally.

“With a local prescence, we can help Nordic clients in the best possible way. After a long process of recruitment, we have now found the right person and we are very enthusiastic that Erik chose us”, says Magnus Dahlquist, CEO and Co-founder of Bluebird Media. Bluebird’s first office in Norway will open in Oslo on the first of August, and it will offer the complete supply of service from day one. With an office in three countries, the advantages are many. Bluebird shares the talent pool and co-operates across the borders – knowledge sharing has always been strongly rooted in the organization.